IT-BHU, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi

BHU is one of the oldest and most revered universities in India with an approximate Alumni base of around 1M+. Have a look at the campus of this university which has produced some of the brightest minds of the century!

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  • arun


  • shyam garg

    Kulgeet really touched my Heart. Very old remembrances.  Wish you could have added engineering colleges and hostels views. good work

  • Kannan

    Kulgeet, just added that extra touch to the already great piece of work. It is a truly nostalgic tour. I wish I could down load this. Keep it up. and hope to get more inside views of IT. Tkx

  • Rohan

    The value of some places, some moments and some people becomes clear much later. Varanasi is one such place. Thanks Joshi for sending this.

  • Alok

    Thanks for bringing back the old memories. After I left IT-BHU I have not visited it. This collage of pictures is great. The Kulgeet attachment makes it more memorable. Great pics, great work.

  • Somnath

    Superb work. Brings back a lot of old memories. Very nostalgic. Keep up the great work and keep mailing.

    Best wishes

    Somnath Sengupta

  • Shantibrata Chatterjee

    Loved the AV.
    Blessed to have studied in IT-BHU.
    Have innumerable lovely memories.
    Thanks to whoever has created this AV.
    Best Wishes.

  • Rama Krishna Gunturi

    Lovely photography and the melodious Kulgeet refreshed very pleasant memories of the past. Immediately makes one nostalgic, emotional bringing rush of blood. Congratulations to the students who pulled this together – great service. Well done.

    Rama Krishna

  • VK Rana

    Excellent one, it turned the clock back by more than 20 yrs for me.

  • Suresh Kumar

    Excellent quality video and audio.
    Thank you for creating and sharing it.  Appreciate it.
    Brought manymemories back.

    Suresh Kumar (1984 graduate of IT-BHU)

  • Sandeep Sawant

    Excellent !!! Made my day…..

  • Sanjay Joshi

    Fantastic voyage in the past!

  • Kapil Singhal

    wow…this is amazing!!

  • Ashish Gupta

    Nice piece of work. Helped connect with alma mater after almost 16 years.

  • Sanjay Sharma

    Superb snaps & audio. Make me feel that i am inside the campus.
    Great Job friends.

  • Iqrar

    Loved it .

  • Mukesh Ranjan

    Hi frnds,

    Its took me 14 yr back in college days……thanks dear. Keep such good job posted on wall regularly.

  • chintan pathak

    Awesome job man, have seen few panoramas before, but the map integration is pretty cool.

    Wanted to jump inside the screen and smell the clean fresh air, I am gonna go thr real soon. 🙂

    Great Work and thanks for this.

    Wondering how you made it …. was it the camera with the panoramic clicks or painful photo-matching and stiching,

    wonder if cud have the whole campus photosynthed or smthing,thatd be cool too.

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