Experience effortless engagement with Fotobubbles Videos – Moving visuals which move you, literally!

If Visual content is processed 60,000 times faster by the brain than text, imagine the impact made by a video where seamless integration of moving visuals, audio, text and multimedia surrounds the senses to give customers the ultimate sneak -peek into your establishment!

Why videos ?

  • Unbeatable scale and reach
  • Easy to share
  • Gain viral popularity
  • Instant visual fix that customers expect
  • Stand out in a competitive digital landscape
  • A ‘snapshot’ way to present information

HOSPITALITY VIDEOS : When it comes to videos, shorter is better. Hospitality lifestyle videos are conceptualized keeping in mind the attention- span of the viewer to provide a comprehensive, quick glimpse into the features of your establishment.

PRESENTATION VIDEOS: Instead of the outmoded PPT presentation, impress your clients with our presentation videos where eye-catching visuals,stunning stills, and kinetic typography combine to deliver your value proposition in convincing terms.

DOCUMENTARIES: Want people to see what you see ? Let our documentaries serve as a window to your world. Fotobubbles documentaries are well – crafted visual narratives with an engaging storyline which will offer a visual treat like none other!

EVENT HIGHLIGHT FILMS : As content consumers get increasingly quick on the uptake, it won’t do if we dish out run of the mill, full – length videos which require a large chunk of the consumers’ time and attention. Event Highlight films provide the perfect middle path where we capture the gist of the event and its memorable moments, without losing the client’s interest.

SHORT FILMS: Our versatile team is all geared up to bring out a brilliant collection of short movies: whatever be the style, theme or genre.
We have the potential to wow audiences with our exceptionally imagined, well -scripted ,powerfully presented short films.

CORPORATE VIDEOS: Want to stand out in an increasingly overcrowded digital landscape? Fotobubbles Corporate videos are just the tool for you! We will help you articulate your value proposition in a compelling way that turns visitors into prospects and cinches better
click – through rates.

CINEMATIC WEDDING FILMS :-Cinematic wedding videos provide a glimpse of the highlights of the big day; All the nice bits crisply edited which turn it into an enjoyable video that does not drag because it is a collection of the best clips and snapshots of your wedding ,interwoven with speeches, images and music.Short and sweet!

ONLINE ADS : Give your marketing campaign the fotobubbles edge with our online ads which can considerably augment your outreach efforts.