Are you an NGO ?

If yes, then we can help!

The NGO Showcase – is a non-profit wing working under the media company Fotobubbles. It mainly focuses on showcasing active NGOs in India.

We realized the fact that the majority of the NGOs in our country was not known by the public, most of their activities not showcased properly in public. Most of them not having a great office building or huge budgets, they cannot spend a lot of money on advertising and marketing, but they concentrate more on their activities for the one who is needy.

We handpick those NGOs and showcase their activities through our media creation activities. We then intend to distribute the content created with the general public – content that has the value to inspire, empower, educate and motivate the public. We showcase how those NGOs are contributing to the development of our society.

Mitra Jyothi Video:

Our team’s passion and strong belief in philanthropy, social causes and community development led us to put the stepping stones for our NGO wing. Our team has clear objectives in mind which helps the public to know more about the activities done by the NGOs and it helps the NGO to get publicity as well.


  1. To promote and encourage active NGOs for community development.
  2. To help them get more attention and visibility.
  3. To build a trust in the public by showcasing their activities through our creative media generation services and platforms.
  4. To compliment and motivate the activities done by these NGOs

If you are an NGO who wants to get benefited from our program, or you want to be a part of our NGO program, please write to us at [email protected]