Our Team

Our team of talented photographers, creative directors, cinematographers and editors go the extra mile to make your relationship with your clients as interactive and mutually rewarding as possible. Get to know some of them here…..


Navneet Kumar

Ringleader, mischief maker and hardcore gaming enthusiast. His madcap ideas will have your eyes light up with unimagined possibilities. This is one head honcho you’d love to work for. An IIT graduate, he has effectively managed to marry revolutionary ideas with practicality and the right technical know-how – a recipe that never fails to impress!
Freedom to explore and experiment, to have an atmosphere where your opinion is valued and understood are some of the perks of working at Fotobubbles with Navneet at the helm. Navneet’s bottom-up approach stands testimony to the fact that he can advise the team on practically every aspect of our work, right from Photography, Cinematography, Scripting, Styling, Content writing, Editing and Designing to Marketing, Finance, client relationship and operations management. Whew! That is a loooong list!!


Rati Saxena

Her warm smile and welcoming air combined with excellent interpersonal skills make her the perfect person for overseeing sales and operations management. An ardent traveller, and having seen most of Europe, her viewpoint infuses a certain pragmatism in our otherwise chaotic world where a billion ideas clamour for expression.


Jinson Joseph

Always Singing up a storm, Jinson is full of spirit when it comes to doing what he loves best: Photography. The senior most, he takes all the fledgeling employees under his wing, ever ready to impart his wisdom , be it about photography, editing or general behavior. Ask him what he likes most about working at Fotobubbles and pat comes the answer – every assignment has some new and fresh insight to offer.


Siljo Thomas

Reticent, soft-spoken Siljo, our talented photographer, image editor and designer, works hard to bring alive the vividity of our images and creations. What he loves most about Fotobubbles is the synergy of the team in making the magic happen.