How stuff works-The Video Production Process

How stuff works-The Video Production Process

 Everyone looks at the big picture but what about the tiny details??

By tiny details, we mean the nitty-gritties of the video production process. Videos are great fun to watch and share , but not many of us know what exactly goes on behind the scenes. Even a 30 second video will have had hours of planning, scripting, shooting and editing to deliver that perfectly made, smooth, well told story.

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When you are hiring a media production company to make the best possible video , it is but natural that you want to have an exact estimate of how much it’s going to cost you. But the problem with the tiny details is that they are so relative and hard to account for! For instance, your 2 – minute video might require a week of careful scripting and story-boarding whereas for another client who requires the same, we might begin immediately on reading the brief ! It ultimately depends on how far you would go to get the best video.

This is how video production works


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The Importance of Pre-Production cannot be stressed enough! It can make or break your video.

If a script is not strong enough, the entire video can crumble. Pre-production is the starting point of the whole video production process. There are greater chances of making a successful video if there are effective interactions between the video company and the client at this stage.

The video brief is important because it will outline the focus-areas and requirements from the client’s perspective. Then comes the fun, creative bit of presenting the concept in the most appealing way. As professionals in this field, it is best left to the video company to decide what format will suit your needs the most. It is essential that the client knows what he/she wants. The greater the clarity on the ‘what & why’ of the project, the better the final outcome.

The Pre- production phase generally takes about a week before the actual shoot takes place.It varies from project to project depending on how simple or complex the concept is.


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This is where the magic begins! After ensuring that all equipments and gear are in order, we go about shooting according to the shot- list we prepared in the pre-production phase. This is where all the hectic planning pays off , provided everything goes according to the schedule.


There will be moments where you’ll have to improvise, since you cannot control all the elements of a video shoot, unless everything is completely scripted like in a feature film. However, that bit of spontaneity or uncertainty can add an extra creative element to the story and take it in a whole new, better direction ! Production requires a lot of coordination between the crew to ensure that all details are taken care of.


The time spent in production depends on the number of shots required, whether it is an on-site shoot or in a studio, the kind of equipment being used and the number of stakeholders involved. Video Production will definitely take more than one hour. We donot charge on an hourly basis, because more often than not, even the most basic video shoot will involve at least half a day spent on-site.


It should also be kept in mind that travel time, setting up and packing up are involved, which will have a bearing on the prices as well.


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Post-production is where it all comes together.The video is edited according to the script and the unseemly bits are removed. Voiceover, soundtrack and sound effects are added to increase the impact of the visuals. Music goes a long way in enhancing the experience of the video, when seen by the final viewers.

The time spent in post-production, again, depends on the amount of footage to be screened and sequenced. Typically, it can vary from one week to three weeks depending on the length of the video to be produced.

After all these components are organised into a synchronous whole, the video is sent to the client to be previewed. Invariably there will be a few minor tweakings after the client reviews the work. No harm in that. However, the charges will go up for subsequent sessions of editing since it is a strain on the company’s time and resources as well.

The key to making great video is COMMUNICATION. It is important to keep communication channels open between the client and the production house because video production is a collaborative process. The final budget depends on what exactly you want the final output to be.

We, at Fotobubbles always swear that one good video can change the world! Consultations are always free,we’d be happy to answer your queries relating to videos!


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