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Your restaurant may be serving the most mouth-watering, lip-smacking, drool-worthy food in the entire town! Don’t you think the people have a right to know what they’re missing out on?

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Your signature recipe handed down over generations……That closely guarded secret sauce that you use to give your dish that extra zing, the carefully hand picked decor and furniture, all the backbreaking work you put in to get your dream food joint up and running – This has all the elements of a good story. A story that simply has to be told! A story that your customers would love to hear about.

You would be doing gross injustice to all your efforts and a great disservice to your staff if you do not market your restaurant in the best possible way. It is simply not enough to rely on traditional advertising and word of mouth to generate a customer base. In fact , even those customers who rely on word of mouth and recommendations from friends and family, prefer to do additional research online through user-generated review sites, the restaurant’s own website, and blogs, as this groundbreaking survey by Angelsmith  suggests.

A  more aggressive online marketing strategy that compliments your offline advertising needs to be in place. But how do you gain an advantage over other restaurants that are doing well by marketing themselves online?

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Everybody loves a good story

This gets me back to my earlier argument that you need to tell your story. Your story is what makes you unique and what can make you stand out online, especially in social media. One facet that is usually ignored about social media, is the word ‘social’ – the very word that means building relationships. And what better way to build a relationship than by personalizing your brand and giving it a human face , a face that people can relate to.

Videos are a great way to build these kinds of relationships because of the high emotional, sensory ,one -on- one appeal  involved. It is a faster, engaging way to market your restaurant. When paired with the right kind of promotional content that is subtle and engaging, video can be a powerful marketing tool indeed. With the use of internet and mobile, people prefer watching videos to reading text and the restaurant industry is such that it offers wonderful scenarios to make  a  well – crafted video. For instance, have you ever considered making a documentary  for your restaurant? A well told story ,straight- from- the- heart short  film about your dream project,  can trump a Hollywood movie any day!

Drawing from our marketing expertise in different verticals, we conclude that a professionally made promotional video should be #1  on your priority list.It is important to get your promo video right which is why it is better handled by professionals.


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#1 : The Promotional Video

A Promotional video can be the perfect tool to cleverly deliver your marketing pitch without overtly saying so! Show your restaurant, cafe or food joint in action, overlay shots of the decor, the ambience, your chef preparing some mouthwatering treats, include a guest testimonial or two, sprinkle in some good humored staff doing their thing , talk about your passion to take the project forward and voilà! You have your promo video ready! 

Have a peek at this stylish video created by Grayscale featuring The Deli,taken from a series of videos executed for the Karachi Eat food festival 2015.This can easily pass of for a promo video!! It doesn’t hurt to have as many shots of food as possible!!


For a different take, Check out this really cool animated promo video by Social Offline cafe  that takes the guise of an explainer video but subtly promotes the interesting theme of the restaurant very creatively!


#2 :The Testimonial Video

Judging from the way user-generated review sites are influencing consumer preferences, the future of the testimonial video looks very good indeed. Induce your best customers to say a few words on screen about what they like best about your restaurant. Make it a fun exercise where there is a lot of witty repartee between your staff and the customers to make for a really entertaining video!



#3 : The Culinary secrets Video 

Ever wondered why TV shows like masterchef are so popular? People love food.period.


source : www.negharfonooni.com

source : www.negharfonooni.com


People also love to feel that you are letting them in on a big secret! They don’t just crave food but also information about the inner workings of their favourite restaurant. You can make a behind the scenes video where the chef reveals one or two signature recipes. A great way to show how skilled your staff is and how much fun you have making food that you and your customers love.

Check out this great video by sons of Essex ,

Read more about  how this NYC restaurant is revolutionizing its marketing and branding with Videos in this article : Six lessons from a youtube-savvy restaurant

#4 : Event Coverage Video


As part of your offline marketing strategy, you might have hosted some community fundraiser events, kids’ events,music concerts or business meetings (If you haven’t done any of these , we suggest you do!! Read this excellent article if you need more convincing.)While issuing press releases and publicizing this in the media is a great idea, what would boost it more would be a stylish video covering the event. Videos have great potential to go viral, and can provide a real feel of the event. Watch this mind boggling event coverage teaser of having dinner on a flying dinner table!!!


( Read more at http://dinnerinthesky.com/#concept)

The video marketing world is a  world full of creative possibilities! You are only limited by your imagination! Drop us a mail at [email protected] or let’s have a chat: +91 80 4213 4706 to discuss exciting video marketing strategies!

Fotobubbles is one of the leading production houses in the area of creative media generation with special expertise in working for the hospitality sector.


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    Video marketing is a wonderful way to grab consumers attention, now a days people do not care to read words rather watch a video. Thanks for the great tips.

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