6 Tips to market your brand after a hotel renovation!

6 Tips to market your brand after a hotel renovation!

“The time to fix the roof is when the sun is shining”

                                                                          – John F. Kennedy


We couldn’t agree more with Mr.Kennedy on the subject of hotel renovations.

Take a look at this review on tripadvisor,

Our family recently stayed at ——————– that was badly in need of updating.Despite the beautiful surroundings outside our window, our bad first impressions remained with us throughout the stay.Especially the beds….they looked so worn out and uninviting!The accommodation was more basic than the website claimed.

Reviews like these are red flags that should not be ignored.They indicate that something is going very wrong with your enterprise.If you want your business to pick up, it’s about time you do something to change poor word of mouth and  bad reviews  on sites like Tripadvisor.com.

Upgrading your hotel can go a long way in improving business. It safeguards your reputation and helps generate fresh interest in your property.

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Why Renovate?

  • Positively impacts property value.
  • When planning a trip, travelers seek out hotels and resorts that are either new or newly renovated.
  • A way to keep your business in line with current trends and expectations.
  • Distinguish your property in an overcrowded market.
  • An opportunity to reinvent the brand of your business.


You might not have placed much emphasis on marketing visuals when you first set out in the hotel business, but this renovation can provide the perfect opportunity for you to bring out the individuality and value of your hotel. Make your hotel stand out after a renovation, with these simple tips:

     1. Enlist the help of professional photographers.

Renovating your hotel means you are refurbishing the brand as well. Taking good quality new pictures of your property after renovation can transform your brand from a jaded, old one to a revamped, fresh brand that people associate with quality service .For that you will need visuals that makes people sit up and notice.

Novotel Goa

Novotel Goa Shrem Resort

Professionals can help you choose pictures that make the presence of the brand felt in every medium it is published in. Attractive visuals can go a long way in boosting up your marketing efforts. Often it is difficult to imagine spending too much on visual media  and it takes a backseat in your list of priorities, but when you see it as a long-term investment , you will find that it is definitely worth it. Find out more on how visuals affect marketing in our article : Hotel Marketing through Photographs -Are you using the right photographs?

 2. Update website with high quality visuals.

When we say visuals we don’t just mean Still photographs.  When customers are looking out for hotels that excite them, they rely mostly on photographs, videos and 360 virtual tours to make their decisions.

These photographs, videos and virtual tours  can  be posted on your website and social media sites to promote the new look of your establishment. You can seek the help of professionals who can advise you on how to market on each social media platform.

3.Update Listings on travel sites and OTAs with new photos and descriptions.

Change descriptions wherever possible to ‘newly renovated’ and explain how customers seek to benefit from them. Invite travelers and guests to post testimonials, reviews and videos on different platforms. This will give your brand credibility and people will hear about it from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.


Source: gbox.com

4.Blog about your renovations.

Businesses often underestimate the value of a blog as a tool to market themselves better. Blogs can drive more traffic to your website.Websites are often not updated, which means that their visibility in search engines suffers. Blogs can counteract this because you can create fresh content that helps in SEO.It also has a wider reach so people who didn’t know about you can also be included in your target audience.

Source: profitecture.com


5. Invite travel writers to write about you.

Inviting writers to come and experience your services is a good idea to get more publicity and attention. Most established freelance travel writers will know how to dish out tailor-made content for each market segment so that your social media and print media reach is taken care of.


6.Engage past customers through emails and newsletters.

Send an e-mail enticing past customers to come and experience the fresh look and new services at your hotel. The advantage of this is two fold : It makes your brand visible and makes the customer feel engaged and appreciated . Sending timely newsletters can keep you in the back of their minds, so that they recall you whenever they need the services of your industry.


The onus is on your marketing efforts  to keep the whole renovation idea worth your while. After all the costs incurred and headaches endured, it is only right that you should proudly flaunt the brand new avatar of your property for all the world to see!

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