Sayaji Hotel, Kolhapur-Fotobubbles Hotel Making video!

It is an occasion of great excitement and celebration as Kolhapur presents its very first five star hotel to the world,The Sayaji Hotel along with the largest mall in Kolhapur – the D.Y Patil mall !!

Impressed by the high degree of professionalism and  quality in our videos, The DYP group, A Kolhapur based  business empire with undertakings not just in  Maharashtra but also overseas, had approached us to showcase the Sayaji hotel and DY Patil mall as a top -notch business and leisure destination.

What was agreed on was a documentary that would connect to the people of Kolhapur, while also showcasing the enterprising spirit of the DYP  group .

So, how did we visualize the process? The way we saw it, this documentary had to be a combination of :

  1. The DY Patil Group Corporate Video
  2. Kolhapur Destination Video
  3. Hotel Making video

The next step ? We got our creative juices flowing. This project provided an interesting opportunity for us to get creative  because on the one hand – we were telling a story that would connect to the people of Kolhapur  and on the other,  we were delivering a corporate documentary which demanded a certain realism of style and finish.




It all began in Pre production. The team worked on different ideas,finally arriving at a storyline that would drive the documentary forward.We decided to make it a voice-over driven documentary interspersed with interviews and sound bites of the DYP family and project team.

Hard-pressed for time with the soft launch looming large on the horizon, our videography team was sent posthaste to Kolhapur. It was a hectic five days, with our team getting up at unearthly hours  to capture the beautiful city of Kolhapur to sitting up late in the night to rough edit the footage captured on that day!

There were over fifteen locations to shoot in. Add to that eleven interviews with our extremely busy clients, and our team had their work cut out for them!

Post- production began immediately.Our video editors worked without respite – editing, sequencing and color grading- while  the rest of the team worked at recording and editing the voice-over and soundtrack for the documentary.






And  voilà, here is the end result! So many weeks of planning, filming and toiling away at post-production, our hard work has finally paid off! This hotel making video is  the first of its kind because it documents the genesis of the hotel right from the initial idea to completion, another tool to help hotels create a buzz about their brand!


Tell us how you like the video.We’d love to hear your views in the comments section!



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