Good Hotel photographers - important or just a gimmick!

Hotel Photographers and Hotel Photography – from Hotel’s perspective!

A recent study by Fotobubbles Tech Pvt Ltd carried out over a period of 6 months in about 400 hotels in various cities around India, provided with an interesting insight regarding Hotels, Hotel’s knowledge about Hotel photographers, Good Photographers and importance of various aspects in their mind. These insights can be summarized in the following points:

  1. 80% of the hospitality outlets are spending quite a fortune for pre-launch activites including interiors, cutlery, ambiance creation –even for the latest LED TVs etc
  2. A whopping 95% firmly believe that they have got the best of services on offer (according to them) and they are providing the best of interiors, staff training as well
  3. Close to around 86% of the respondents believed they need good visual media for showcasing their property (photographs, brochures, videos etc)
  4. A striking 82% of the property managers are not aware that they need more than a digital camera or a person with a DSL to make those pictures! In fact they are not at all aware about – what is the difference between a photograph and a photograph fit for marketing their property for at least 3 to 4 years!
  5. Only 13% of the hospitality outlet managers/owners spoken to, were aware about what good visual media is and how important it is to have a reliable and professional media generation partner like experienced hotel photographers to take care of the showcasing the  property in its full glory! Only these outlets were aware of the work involved and that the expenses that come with it are worth it!

So are good Hotel photographers important for Hotels ?

A picture paints a thousand words. However cliched this proverb might sound, it still serves as a testimonial to one fact about the multi-billion dollar hotel industry, which is: the resourceful creation and implementation of the visual media plays a vital role the success of a hotel business. A wonderfully created visual content not only excites the customer for the property, but it also helps the hotel land more visitors on its website and finally in their Hotel! Apart from the business perspective, impressive visual media also contributes to the aesthetics of a hotel business, and helps maintain a state of instant allure and belonging in a visitor’s mind – after all beauty is what impresses everyone!

But, despite such promise, most of the visual content like hotel photographs, videos etc concerned with hotels and resorts on the web lacks taste, and fails to convey its innate purpose; which is to pertinently showcase a hotel’s features and facilities at their best. This is so because hotel managements often turn a blind eye towards the efficient application of visual media; probably due to the following few reasons:

  1. Social networking awareness: The hotel management might be aware about the utility of social networking sites but oblivious to the pull and attraction of good visual content which made these site popular in the first place.
  2. Expertise: Hotel photography is not for amateurs. It involves having the knowledge of light sensitivity, camera angles and focal adjustments. Expecting this from a novice would be a grave mistake.
  3. Cost cutting: Some hotel managements get their visual media work done cheaply through some person with a camera, without lending proper attention to the finer details. The photos eventually end up looking dull, banal and bland. Cost cutting is justified, but not when your business is on the line.

Hence, it is imperative that hotels should embrace the significance of creative visual media and invest in a reliable source, to derive the best possible output.

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