Add glamour to your wedding services with Fotobubbles creative media

Add glamour to your wedding services with Fotobubbles creative media

Starting up of wedding creative media generation services by Fotobubbles has opened more avenues for us to be of even more service to the Hospitality sector as well as Event organizers and Wedding planners.

Many hotels these days are good destinations to host a wedding, due to the array of services and quality of facilities offered.
According to us, Hotels and wedding planners offering a creative media package in addition to their own services would be exceptional value to their customers.

This would benefit both their clients as well their own reputation in the long run – Given the Following:

  1. FotobubblesTech Pvt Ltd has a sound corporate background and a long-standing experience with the hospitality industry. This makes Fotobubbles an ideal partner for hotels to offer creative media services from Fotobubbles for weddings. This will
  2. Save time and effort for your client to scout for wedding photography service providers, leaving them satisfied and more relaxed.
  3. Enhance your repertoire of services. Most hotels in India do not offer media creation services, since it is not their main area of concern. Our partnership will give you an edge over such competition.
  4. Experienced partners like Fotobubbles, brings simplicity and professionalism to this service. This adds to the luxurious experience of hosting weddings in good hotels. Such experiences ultimately enhance the hotel’s brand value.
  5. Customers satisfied with Fotobubbles wedding services will spread by word-of-mouth, the brand of the hotel along with the wedding services, leading to good marketing exposure.
  6. We will ensure that we also provide enough marketing material for the establishment – like pictures depicting the venue etc to enhance their marketing efforts.

Here are the services we offer to weddings, through your hotel / wedding organization service:

Pre-wedding services

Like any other arrangement, media for the wedding must be planned and started well before the wedding day!

  • Outdoor shoots & Family Portraits
  • Video testimonial recording
  • Studio/location shoot for video
  • Growing-up video presentations
Wedding Photography, on spot printing

Wedding-day services

Make your special day memorable and even more elegant with our creative visual services.

  • Portraiture and Posed photography
  • Candid photography
  • Photo Booths & Video Booths
  • On-the-Spot printing
Best Wedding photographers in India

Post-wedding services

One stop shop for post wedding services like creation of 5 mins video summaries, albums, gifts etc.

  • Conceptualized video summaries
  • Photobooks & Albums
  • Customized “Thank-you”  gifts
  • Online galleries
Wedding Video and editing

Our services help weddings to become a lifestyle statement. It will be a rich and pleasant experience in real time. Later, it will be a brilliant memory to be relished. We aim to preserve and recollect visual stories – unfolding memories on audience whenever they are viewed.
Avail our wedding services and become a part of several rich, lush memories. Our partnership will be unforgettable for the couples who are getting wed, as well as their kin who witnessed it.

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